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As a citizen of Reno, you deserve a Justice of the Peace who understands the issues, possesses a deep and abiding love of the law, and has proven firsthand experience in protecting the rights of your fellow community members. Both the victims of crimes and those accused of them. 


My experience as a criminal, civil, and family law attorney makes me uniquely qualified to be your Justice of the Peace. Respect, commitment, compassion, and equal access to justice in my courtroom, these are my promises to this one-of-a-kind community I’m proud to call home.  

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For our community.

I am running for Reno Justice of the Peace because I understand the immense value of having a judge who’s dedicated to serving every citizen regardless of the reason they happen to be in court.  I have dedicated my career to helping people.  We need more judges who are passionate for service.


I once represented a veteran who struggled greatly after returning home from fighting overseas. He had gotten into some trouble, but the judge, in a move of great empathy, chose to give him a second chance by sending him to Veterans Court where he was connected with the services, supervision, and support he so desperately needed.

That judge’s application of justice completely turned my client’s life around, it was a profound demonstration of the lasting impacts that are possible if you’re willing to reach out, connect, and make sure everyone who appears before your bench has equal and unfettered access to the rights and protections afforded them by law.


That’s the kind of Justice of the Peace I vow to be.

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Learn about Kendra's Unique Qualifications.

Learn about Kendra's Unique Qualifications.

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